Ali Ehsassi
Ali Ehsassi
Member of Parliament for Willowdale
Budget 2023 | The New Canadian Dental Care Plan

Dental care is an important component of our health, but seeing a dentist can be expensive. To make dental care more affordable for more Canadians, the federal government has committed to providing dental care for uninsured Canadians with family income of less than $90,000 annually, starting with children under 12-years-old.

In September of 2022, the government announced the creation of the Canada Dental Benefit, and applications opened in December. The Canada Dental Benefit is now providing eligible parents or guardians with direct, up-front, tax-free payments of up to $1,300 over two years, per child to cover the cost of dental care for their children.

To date, the Canada Dental Benefit has helped more than 240,000 children receive the dental care they need.


 1. The New Canadian Dental Care Plan 

Across Canada, millions of Canadians are avoiding the dental care they need because it costs too much—and nobody should have to choose between taking care of their teeth and being able to pay the bills at the end of the month.



2. Expanding Access to Dental Care

In addition to cost, other factors may also prevent Canadians from accessing the dental care they need, such as living in a remote community, or requiring specialized care due to a disability.



3. Investing in Better Dental Care Data

Existing data on oral health in Canada is limited and cannot be disaggregated by region or socio-economic characteristics—restricting the government's ability to support those who need it most.


Read more about the dental plan here


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